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With dynamic advances in equipment technology resulting in the latest trends in clinical treatment and procedures (such as robotic surgery, minimum invasive surgery, image guided surgery, remote surgery, digital imaging, robotic pharmacy). The need for effective equipment planning has become increasingly more complex and challenging. With a unique combination of our on-going research on equipment technology and knowledge of advancement in clinical procedures, MEP-US  is well equipped to provide an integrated equipment planning approach resulting in improved level of patient care within well-defined clinical goals and financial boundaries. We are expert in planning hospital spaces dependent upon knowledge of medical equipment and clinical procedures.

We help clients with the equipment planning and coordination that is crucial to project completion and successful occupancy of a health care facility. We offer a complete range of services including: existing equipment inventory; equipment programming and budget analysis; specifications; equipment layouts; schedule development; equipment bidding and procurement; equipment installation/relocation management; and coordination of occupancy planning.

We have proven working experience with architects, engineers, and other consultants on construction projects. We are very familiar with architectural and engineering documentation including plans and specifications. Throughout the duration of the construction project, we function as an integral part of the project team providing the equipment planning with full respect for the project budget and functional integrity of the facility.

We have experience with many medical facilities ranging from small clinics to major medical centers. The principal of the firm with over 30 years of experience in health care projects, will take leadership role on the project in providing a comprehensive equipment planning

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