Executive Summary

Rockland Technimed Ltd (RTL) is a growing biotech manufacturing Company, dedicated to releasing innovative and disruptive medical products. Our current innovation, OxyFusion®, gives RTL global growth potential. OxyFusion® is RTL's proprietary Nano-emulsion loaded with Oxygen-17 and is non-radioactive. OxyFusion® when injected intravenously, and imaged with an unaltered MRI yields metabolic imaging results and at same time delivers oxygen to the oxygen - starved tissue. This dual therapeutic-diagnostic function places us squarely within the burgeoning field of theranostics.

Major Advantages of our Technology

Seeking equity investment

Our experienced team is seeking a capital investment in exchange for percentage equity in our company. We’ll use these funds to complete clinical trials for OxyFusion® ,including Phases I & II, with the ultimate goal of being granted FDA approval.

For more details please send us written requests for our “Disclosure Statements and Subscription Agreement Documents”  Email:  investor@oxy-17.com




Comforting Investors

Investors will find a great deal of comfort in their decision to partner with Rockland Technimed Ltd. First and foremost, we’re extremely committed – to the tune of $7.9 million of previously invested funds (including our team’s own). Speaking of our team, you’re siding with an expert one – headed by five seasoned executives with an excellent reputation in the medical fields and supported by an luminary scientific advisory team. Initial guidance meetings and discussions with US-FDA and Germany's BfArM have given us a short path for the approval process.

Latent demand for a non-radioactive MRI imaging agent with the ability to provide metabolic information opens the door to easy penetration into tinvestorshe marketplace. A bare competitive landscape uncovers outstanding profit potential and positive returns by just the third year of operations. Revenues will be generated via B2B sales to top medical industry players. (GE has already shown interest), who will then use their massive distribution networks to get OxyFusion® into the end users’ hands. Geography is no restriction for us.

We’re also rewarding our investors with a dedicated focus to a very favorable exit. By year 4, we’ll be lined up for either an IPO or an acquisition, specifically of our OxyFusion® IP by a larger company. However, this won’t be the end of the line. We’re determined to remain a global presence in the biotech sector, utilizing cutting-edge technology to continuously release other medical innovations – ensuring long-term growth. But, this is a limited time opportunity! With OxyFusion® on the precipice of global release, Rockland’s value will never be better for investors. We urge you to act quickly.


Stages of Product Development


The Markets and our Targets

The market for OxyFusion® is extremely sizeable, and has no prominent geographical boundaries. Latest counts put the total amount of stroke, heart attack, angina, and cancer sufferers at 41,971,200 when taking the US, EU, and the Asia Pacific into account.

And, with a limited amount of other treatment options in sight for these ailments, the market has significant long-tgtlasting potential. OxyFusion® can be used in a variety of fields, including neurology, oncology, cardiology, dementia, transplant, trauma and pharmaceuticals. Anyone who has global access to our end users

The healthcare insurance companies will serve as our primary target market at the outset. They love how they can reduce healthcare costs and make their service more effective, and will now be able to insist that hospitals use it. For the near future, 90% of our marketing focus will be directed towards the US, Europe, and Japan, while the remaining 10% will be geared towards developing nations like China and India.

Lacking Competition

Competitors? Who needs them? At RTL we’re taking advantage of a rare opportunity – a barren competitive landscape. Since we’re introducing a new process to the world of medicine, there are obviously no direct rivals out there with similar technologies. The OxyFusion® is a proprietary product with the added value of patent protection – which guards us against future competition.
As for indirect competitors, the only sources that could seemingly impact us would be x-ray, CT, and MRI manufacturers. The most popular players in this space include GE, Philips, Toshiba, and Siemens. But not even these guys can be considered competitors, since in reality we’re a contrast agent for injection to retrofit all existing machines. Companies like these actually offer viable partnership opportunities instead (we’re already exploring one with GE).


Value Propositions

Aside from the very beneficial fact that we aren ’t competing against anyone, we’re proud to boast a number of other significant points of value. Our most prominent differentiators are:

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